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Yea, so my last idea for this journal kinda failed. I think it's safe to assume I'm going to forget about using this journal for the most part until LJ manages to drive enough of the Johnny's fandom to DW. Otherwise I'm happy using my Blogger journals for everything else.

Speaking of the Johnny's fandom potentially migrating I've been thinking of starting up a community here. I'm not sure for which group, but I'm thinking maybe just doing Hey! Say! JUMP's sub-unit Hey! Say! BEST, as I think it will remain a size I could take care of easily and I love the boys in it and think they need some love. But I'll wait about a week or so to see if I feel as willing to do it later.

Other than that, Happy New Year!
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So I know I haven't really done anything with this account. With two blogs and the fact I still haven't been able to completely cut myself off from LJ yet I tend to forget about it. It also doesn't help that after NaNoWriMo I've fallen behind with fanfiction writing or just writing in general.

But I have decided to start up a community here on DW for the visual kei band that I stan, Virgil. And I will be trying to keep it alive as much as a single person can so I'll probably be on DW more often and may actually use this journal for what I decided to in my last post.


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